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2021 Presidential Citation Award Recipient,

Jenilee Taylor, DTM, PRA


“One important lesson I have learned in leadership is that being a leader does not mean knowing more than anyone else.
A leader is someone who recognizes, encourages, and promotes others as experts. When you provide team members autonomy and trust them, it creates space for people to be innovative and work together towards the shared purpose.”

~ Jenilee Taylor, DTM, PRA

Meet Jenilee…

Jenilee Taylor is a 16-year Toastmaster with a passion for leadership and developing others to be their best self. Holding a Master of Science in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University (2019) and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University (2018), she embodies a unique blend of strategic acumen and interpersonal skills.

Throughout her career, Jenilee has held various impactful roles, including Hotel General Manager and Corporate Speaker/Trainer. In her current position as a Training and Development Leader at BWH Hotels, she curates and delivers transformative training experiences for BWH Hotels across North America. She is also the President of Core Engagement, an Ohio-based training firm.

She is a 2018 TEDx Presenter (Emotional Glitter: the Power of Connection), served as the 2019-2021 Region 6 Advisor, and is a 2021 Presidential Citation recipient.

Her enthusiasm for fostering growth and connections resonates with every individual she interacts with, reminding them of their potential to effect positive change in the world.

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Toastmasters Member Since: 2007


M.S., Management and Leadership – Western Governors University;
B.S., Communications – Southern New Hampshire University

Employer and / or Position:

Hospitality Management Trainer – BWH Hotels

Toastmasters Honors and Recognition:

2021 Presidential Citation
2020 Outstanding Leadership Award
2014 – 2015 Excellence in Education & Training

Other Honors and Recognition:

2024 Training Apex Award
2023 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
2016 NVN Hotels – Newcomer Award
2015 TMI Hospitality – Impression Maker
2015 Hilton – Connie Pride Award of Merit
2013 Susan L. Hamo Hospitality Person Of The Year


“There are unique traits that high-performance leaders possess:  Trustworthiness, Empathy, and Logical Reasoning. Jenilee Taylor possesses all of those traits. It’s difficult to find leaders today who are pragmatic, yet, have a clear understanding of how to bring humanity into the ranks of the people. Finding someone with that equilibrium is rare.  Jenilee has been carving out her leadership skills for years. She’s relentless in professional development and self-leadership. She also has a dedication to Toastmasters like I’ve never seen before. She knows the rules of the organization and holds people accountable to those rules. She rallies people with her effervescent personality. One of her greatest strengths is her “influence” skills. Toastmasters International is a diverse organization, and Jenilee’s diverse-centric belief system allows her to embrace people from different cultures, belief systems, and various world views.  She has a genuine love for Toastmasters and for people. She’s the perfect choice to serve in the senior leadership ranks of Toastmasters International.”

Dr. Kitty Brandal, DTM
President Corporate Compass Training, LLC

I am thrilled to endorse Jenilee Taylor for the Toastmasters International Board of Directors. Having served alongside her, I witnessed Jenilee’s unwavering commitment to our organization. Her selfless dedication and tireless efforts have made a lasting impact on Toastmasters worldwide. She is a proven leader, consistently going above and beyond to ensure every member receives the support and encouragement needed to excel. Combine that member focus with her strategic mindset and exceptional leadership skills and you’ll understand why I believe that Jenilee Taylor is the ideal candidate to represent Toastmasters International on our Board of Directors.”

Tracy Thomason, PID, DTM

“Jenilee has the innate ability to find the sparkle in others. While serving together as Region Advisors, her unwavering dedication and devotion to her teams were unmatched. Upbeat, a consummate decision-maker, and not afraid to share her thoughts, Jenilee is well-suited to make an even greater impact of our beloved organization.”

Charles Gates, DTM
Past Region 7 Advisor

“I had the opportunity to serve as a Region advisor alongside Jenilee during the 2020-2021 program year. Her honest, creative and pragmatic approach to the RA office and her willingness to help, advise and support her fellow RAs set her apart. I have no doubt that with her well-known commitment to Toastmasters International she will promote an atmosphere of openness and enthusiasm while serving passionately to take or organization to the next level of excellence. Which is why I express my support for Jenilee  Taylor as International Director for Region 6.”

Godalys R.M.H. Reina, DTM
Past Region Advisor

“When you meet someone who immediately captures your attention with their voice, tone and professionalism, your first thought is, ‘I want to be able to do that, too!’ That is what I felt when meeting Jenilee Taylor. Her passion and servant leader heart come through in every project or speech she shares. Her ability to truly hear what you are saying makes her a great leader. She thinks big-picture and strategically, assessing the need and acting appropriately to get to the end goal. A leader must have empathy and courage to go outside of one’s comfort zone and Jenilee has those qualities. I am honored to have worked with her and am proud to call her a friend.”

Vicki Noethling, DTM
Past Region Advisor 2019-2021

“Jenilee is an effective communicator and listener. She is a team player with phenomenal presentation skills. I served with Jenilee during her role as a District Director and again while she served as Region Advisor. During this time, I saw her serve with integrity and passion with an eye for the future. These are the qualities that makes her a great candidate for International Director.”

Larry Marik
Past International Director 2018-2020

“I have known Jenilee through Toastmasters since the early 2000’s. She was always been down-to-earth with a spark and a go-getter, accomplishing the assignment, goal, whatever the office or project needs. This has been manifested and confirmed through her more recent responsibilities as District 10 Director and Region Advisor positions.

In addition to her accomplishments, she works 100% with enthusiasm, is trustworthy, works well with others and obtains desired results. I fully support Jenilee Taylor, DTM for Region 6 International Director.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check her out for yourself and you will like what you see and hear!”

Frank Hirt, DTM
Past International Director 1993-1995

“Serving as Region Advisor with Jenilee Taylor, DTM, she demonstrated her leadership style with motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and support to all the district leaders in Region 6. So much so that Jenilee was appointed for a second term.

“Jenilee was the consummate team player with all the other Region Advisors, working exceptionally well with her district leaders, and they in turn enjoyed working with her.

“With the strategic skills Jenilee has to offer the Toastmasters International organisation, she is an excellent candidate to serve as 2022-2024 International Director.”

Lana S McFarlane, DTM
Past Region 8 Advisor

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Here are some of my favorite leadership development talks that have provided important and meaningful insights for me along my leadership journey.

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